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HALO: The Master Chief Collection
HALO: The Master Chief Collection


United Front Games

Sr UX Lead


United Front Games was responsible for providing the unified front end for the Master Chief Collection: a collection of 4 HALO titles that spanned over 20 years.

My duties included leading the UI art team, designing flows, wireframes, screen creation, icon creation, and UX interaction systems

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


I was responsible for over 175 wireframes for about 80 unique screens + widgets.

I worked with 343 on a bi-weekly basis to ensure the wireframes met both their content requirements and the quality bar that HALO is known for.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


We worked with design house WINTR who provided us with the initial visual target for the project. Above is an early visual target for the Playlists screen.

We met with them for early collaboration sessions and then took their designs one step further to final look & feel while adding animation and visual fx.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


Working with 343, I devised this final iteration of the Playlists screen that re-organized the playlists for easier consumption and greater consistency to other sections of the front end.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


As this was a relatively short project [approximately 10 months] - I wanted to ensure we were not redesigning screens after implementation. 

As such I went into greater detail on all of the states per screen. This greatly assisted in getting early sign-off from 343.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


Here is the final implementation of the screen. All of the screens in the front end had concept art from the appropriate game in the background.

I layered the environment artwork in such a way that when I added horizontal movement to the various depths it created a parallax effect to give the screens a more immersive feel.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


I created the look and feel for all of the load screens. 343 provided us with the level maps and concept art that I treated for the screens.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


While the large majority of icons were provided by 343 from previous games, I was required to create a fair number of unique icons for ones that did not exist.

Above are examples of icons I created for the Post Game Carnage Report.

HALO: The Master Chief Collection


The Master Chief Collection actually had a 95 Metacritic from over 60 reviews after the first week of reviews. After a month that number went down to 75 due to online multiplayer connectivity and matchmaking problems.

After the problems were finally resolved the reviews were re-adjusted and settled in around the 85 level.