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HALO: The Master Chief Collection

Project details

Client: 343 Industries
Date: 2014

Halo the Master Chief Collection was a massive undertaking involving over 5 studios around the globe. Working in collaboration with 343 Industries and Design House WINTR, I was the Sr UX Lead in charge of our Presentation Team’s implementation of the Unified Front End that brought a collection of 4 Halo games together that spanned over 20 Years. This interface allowed players to access a library of all missions from HALO, HALO 2, HALO 3, and HALO 4 in addition to an extensive Multiplayer mode and other Halo staples. WINTR provided an initial base look + feel and style set and my team was responsible for taking those initial designs to final look+feel, implementation and motion. In addition to team management, studio to studio collaboration, and screen visual implementation, my primary task was creation of well over 150 screen wireframes that defined all features within the Unified Front End flow. These designs required constant discussions and iterations with 343’s design team due to the sheer size of the undertaking compared to the timeline we were working with, and it was an honor to work with them.


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