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Microsoft HoloLens


Project details

Client: Microsoft
Date: 2012-2014

As Design Lead at Microsoft Victoria, my responsibilities included designing experiences and prototypes for practical, aspirational, and entertainment experiences. HoloLens is an optical headset that creates world locked holograms in real 3D Space. My day to day tasks included creating feature sets, designs, pitches, and demonstrations. Our team created several experiences for HoloLens that included explorations into core functional interactions such as text entry, voice command, and confirmation actions. On a more experiential immersive front we created several prototype games that dynamically adjusted their rule sets based on the real world environment. Working on HoloLens was truly one of the most enlightening experiences of my career and challenged me on a daily basis to question and consider what is possible for the future of HCI and user interaction. Note: the images above are press release imagery and do not reflect the projects I was specifically working on.